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A data cabling company can help you with your entire network infrastructure. We can recommend a team that can provide you with a report that you know already, they will get to work straight away and solve the problem for you.

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Wireless network solutions

A drawback of wireless systems is that they are generally not as fast as a cabled network – but for most business applications, you’re unlikely to notice the difference.

Typical access points, laptop and desktop wireless cards all come in under 50. You’ll need one card per computer and a varying number of access points depending on the number of users and the configuration of your building. Click here to find out about dedicated servers.

Benefits of going wireless:

Go walkabout: You can take your wireless-enabled laptop with you as you move about the building, and still remain connected. If you’ve ever been unable to connect to the web from a meeting room, you’ll appreciate the value of this. Find out more.

Mobility: The same network card that connects your laptop in the office also works at home, if you have a wireless network there, or with public hotspots in places like cafes and airports (although you may have to pay to connect to them).

Price: The cost of wireless network cards is generally less than the cost of structured cabling to provide each user with a conventional cable connection.

Flexibility: You can add new computers or move them from desk to desk without running any new cables.

Cut and run: If you move offices, you don’t have to leave behind an expensive cable installation. All the wireless kit comes with you to the new site.

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