Market Leading Rooflights for Flat Roofs

Our other lighting products are made from the best quality materials, but our favourite style of ‘lights’ are rooflights.

These aren’t what you think they are, but they are so much more and can provide a greater amount of natural light into your home. Contact us for further information.

Our opening rooflights are direct from the manufacturer‎

The design of our opening rooflights combine efficient and minimal design with automation.

They all have an insulated upstand allowing all of the parts can fit into one place making it a much more sleek design.

Our opening rooflights are simple to use. Just touch a button and simply enough you will have a connection to the outside whilst you are inside.

Make sure your roof is in perfect condition

Before you install rooflights it’s a great idea to get your roof checked out and repair or replace any damaged areas. Click here for flat roof repairs.

Make sure you choose a reputable and trustworthy company to install your roof lights properly and safely.

If you’re into DIY there are plenty of kits available supplying EPDM rubber for flat roofs plus all the tools you’ll need. Shop online here.

Buy your walk on rooflights now!

Walk On rooflights are a great choice for allowing natural light in. You can use these for both external and internal reasons.

These rooflights are strong and hard wearing.

With 50mm double glazed units and 25mm toughened glass with heat strengthen laminate pane, it ensures your rooflight is secure, robust and perfectly capable of holding weight allowing you to walk on. Click here to find out more.

Striking looks and endless possibilities with modular rooflights

The modular rooflight range means you can have an endless amount of our fixed or opening units put alongside one another.

Due to the insulated upstand it means there is visually no difference between the fixed and opening rooflight, meaning you can have an attractive feature on your flat roof.

The glazing rooflights are designed in a factory environment meaning the risk of defects and damage are greatly reduced and have a very low chance of occurring.