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 Kitchen design and build - everything you need to know

Kitchen design and build – everything you need to know

It is now common to get complete kitchen design, build and installation package under one roof from one building company.

Bespoke kitchen design, kitchen extension or complete kitchen refurbishment are some of the most popular choices when it comes to kitchen updates.

Using one builder to complete a whole-kitchen renovation, you won’t have the hassle of finding different contractors and kitchen fitters.

It is advised to use a company that covers absolutely everything you need for the perfect kitchen – from the planning legislation and building work right down to the important stuff like kitchen tiles, storage and tap fittings.

Many kitchen showrooms will have a display area where you can take your pick from a range of worktops, units and door handles, tiles, storage ideas, sinks, taps and colour palettes – everything that makes the kitchen your own.

they’ll help you experiment with 3D visuals to find your perfect kitchen layout. An expert kitchen designer is usually on hand to provide advice and ideas.

There’s no waiting around, no expensive mark-ups on outsourcing, just a reliable professional service from start to finish.

Tell them what you need from your dream kitchen and they will make it yours.

  • Kitchen design – Choose from a huge range of high-quality bespoke designs and finishes. Personalise your new kitchen layout just the way you want it.
  • Kitchen extensions & kitchen refurbishment – with smooth streamlined project management, including the planning legislation and paperwork.
    • Create a versatile space for living, dining and unwinding with family and friends.

If you choose to do it yourself…

Sometimes it is preferred to choose a range of services from different companies, as they have individual features that suit you better than a single kitchen design, provided by a company that offers a complete service.

Should this be the case for you, there are some things you should consider:

  • New windows and doors – If you are investing in a new kitchen with features provided by different companies, it is important you don’t forget about the windows and doors. Double glazing is the most popular option when it comes to windows and doors for a number of reasons, including security, comfort and overall appearance.

If you are looking to get new windows and doors in your kitchen update, make sure you find a company that offer you a range of options, so you can find the perfect one that fits with your newly designed kitchen.

We think Bi-folding are the best option when it comes to installing new doors in the kitchen, as they are modern and stylish and allow more space and light into the room, perfect for creating a friendly dining space.

  • Measurements – A common problem that occurs when having various components of a new kitchen fitted by different tradespeople is that measurements can get distorted in the process and can cause things to go wrong.

If you are getting your new kitchen fitted by various different people, make sure they are all as accurate as possible when it comes to building and fitting, and it is even better if they keep in contact with each other, in order to save you having to communicate through them.

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