Getting a new bathroom or kitchen installed

Bathroom renovations: 20 tips to help you remodel your space

 Getting a new bathroom or kitchen installed
  • Plan a bathroom layout and stick to it. …
  • Don’t forget to appoint an electrician early on. …
  • Choose sanitaryware before plastering or tiling. …
  • Salvage any usable sanitaryware. …
  • Mix and match to make savings on a bathroom renovation. …
  • Simple is effective. …
  • Remember you can haggle. …
  • Think about waterproofing the space.

Questions to ask you bathroom renovators

  1. How can I renovate my bathroom cheaply?
  2. How much does it cost to renovate a small bathroom?
  3. How often should bathrooms be renovated?
  4. What should I look for in a bathroom renovation?
  5. Why you should renovate your bathroom?
  6. How do you redo a small bathroom?
  7. What are the steps to remodelling a bathroom?
  8. How do you tile a bathroom?
  9. What can I use on bathroom walls instead of tiles?
  10. How high do you tile a bathroom wall?
  11. How much do tilers charge per hour?
  12. How much should I pay a tiler?
  13. How much should it cost to tile a small bathroom?
  14. How much does a bathroom tiler cost?

Getting a new bathroom or kitchen installed

How much should you pay to have a bathroom fitted?

You can get advice from recommended bathrooms renovators, who can tell you how much you should be spending on any jobs to do with bathroom installation and updates.

As well as bathroom installation costs, they also provided some handy tips on saving money. Read on for more nuggets of wisdom.

Typical bathroom installation costs

Install a basin with standard taps

Price: £100–£150
Typical job time: 2 hours

Install a standard toilet

Price: £120–£145
Typical job time: 3-4 hours

Install a standard bath

Price: £150–£200
Typical job time: 3–5 hours

Tile a bathroom

Price: Around £80 per square metre
Typical job time: 2–5 days

Install underfloor heating

Price: £150–£200 per square metre
Typical job time: 4 hours – 3 days

Getting a new bathroom or kitchen installedPlumbing for your new bathroom

Many companies offer a whole bathroom installation service, including plumbing work.

If you need to get the plumbing in your bathroom updated too, most plumbers will offer a service where they can work  with bathroom designers to update your plumbing work to fit with your new bathroom

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