The three best central heating system types

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Upgrade Your Central Heating

We review and look at the most popular central heating systems…

District heating

This is perhaps the favoured option among energy-conscious consumers.

A centralised district heating source will deliver hot water via underground pipes to homes in a certain area, eliminating the need for a boiler inside the home.

The mains water circulates to provide heating and hot water. This type of heating is increasingly being introduced in the UK due to its energy efficiency and low carbon footprint.

Combi boiler systems

As we mentioned before, combi boiler systems are highly efficient compared to conventional central heating systems, as they prevent waste. Learn more.

Combi boilers heat water at the source as and when you need it, meaning there is no need for storage.

Pressurised central heating systems

Similar to the combi boiler system, pressurised central heating sees mains water heated directly rather than in a tank.

This also helps to reduce waste and saves space, as you won’t need to find somewhere for a tank to sit. You will, however, need to find space for a small water cylinder unit, which is how the water is heated.

Pressurised central heating is typically more expensive and requires more maintenance, which is worth keeping in mind.

Whatever heating system you choose for your home, our dedicated team of engineers will be happy to help you maintain a warm and comfortable household, all-year-round.

When opting for a heating engineer make sure they are Gas Safe Registered and offer emergency call-outs.

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